Etienne Balibar (1942-)

Major Works:

Reading Capital, (with Althusser), 1970; Spinoza et la politique, 1985; Race, Nation, Classe: Les identités ambiguës (with Immanuel Wallerstein), 1988; La Philosophie de Marx, 1993.


Citizenship, Europe, Transindividuality


Pierre Macherey, Louis Althusser, Spinoza, Wallerstein,


Member of PCF until 1981 - founding member of the French Committee of Solidarity with Birzeit University and other Palestinian Universities, and for the Right to Education in the Territories

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On the European Constitution - debate with Antonio Negri

What is a politics of the rights of man?

Europe: an impossible citizenship? In Italian - In French

'Une philosophie politique de la différence ontologique' :Interview with Bruno Karsenti. (2002, in French)

Democratising borders (1997, in Italian)

Some Remarks about the Controversy on whether « boycotting » or not the Israeli Universities

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