Guy Debord (1930-1994)

Major Work: The Society of the Spectacle
Key Words: detournement, alienation, spectacle,
Key Figures: Marx, Lukacs, Hegel, Vaneigem, Lautremont,
Politics: Leading member of the vanguardist Situationist International
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The Premonition of Guy Debord

Critique of Seperation

Review of Panegyric and Plant - (Panegyric was the first of two intended volumes on Debord´┐Żs life, which he ended with suicide)

Guy Debord, Panegyric, translated by James Brook (Verso)

Guy Debord, The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Politics and Art (trans: Ken Knab)e-text

Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle- Zone Books 1995 e-text Critique of Leninism and Bolshevikism p. 98,99,100

Sadie Plant, The most radical gesture: the Situationist International in a postmodern age (Routledge)