Leopoldina Fortunati

Major work: The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital
Key Figures: Karl Marx, Antonio Negri, Mariarosa Dalla Costa
Political associations: Movimento Femminista - Potere Operaio
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Resources Quotes from The Arcane of Reproduction The Arcane of Reproduction (text as image files in huge pdf)


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(with Silvia Federici) Caliban & the Witches, Semiotexts, 1998 (Il grande Calibano. Storia del corpo sociale ribelle nella prima fase del capitale, FrancoAngeli, Milano.1984)

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(ed) Mediating the human body:Technology, communication and fashion, 2003


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"The adventure of newspapers online. A case study: the Italian women's weekly Donna Moderna", paper presented at the conference "Towards New Media Paradigms: Content, Producers, Organisations and Audiences", 27-28 June 2003, Pamplona, Spain

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