George Gilder
Major Work: Wealth and Poverty (1981)
Description: Neo-conservative economist and rogue who attempted to give capitalism a theology
Related figures: Reagan, Bataille
  Gilder was Reagan�s preferred author. He tries to work various anthropological currents from Mauss to Bataille, to argue that the root of capital is in the gift, the early forms of expenditure in primitive societies. Supply occurs before profit, so the capitalist takes the risk, and provides a service based on trust. 

�Contrary to the notions of Mauss and Levi-Strauss, the giving impulse in modern capitalism is no less prevalent and important � no less central to all creative and productive activity, no less crucial to the mutuality of culture and trust � then in a primitive tribe. The unending offering of entrepreneurs, investing jobs, accumulating inventories � all long before any return is received, all without any insurance that the enterprise will not fail � constitute a pattern of giving that dwarfs in extent and in essential generosity and primitive rite of exchange. Giving is the vital impulse and moral centre of capitalism.� (p. 30 � 1981)