Latest Reviews

Working Man Dead
Review of Fleming and Cederstrom's Dead Man Working

Marketing and violence
Review of Cage's Marketing is Violence: A user guide

The new proletariat?
Review of Stiegler's For a new critique of political economy

One-dimensional woman
Review of Ann Abram's Mobius

But the hour cometh and now is
Review of Peter Clarke's Keynes...

State it?
Review of Andrew Kolin's State Power and Democracy...

Once there was this cave that was full of your dreams
Review of Joseph Nechvatal's Towards an immersive intelligence

A thorn in their side
Review of Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is possible a WorldWrite documentary

If not now, when?
Review of Foucault in an age of terror edited by Stephen Morton and Stephen Bygrave

With or without you
Review of Global governanace and biopolitics by David Roberts

Review of Augusto Ponzio's Elegy of the dysfunctional

Legitimate Flaw
Review of Darrow Schecter's Beyond Hegemony: Towards a New Philosophy of Political Legitimacy

Anti-capitalism with a Smiley Face
Review of Noreena Hertz, Naomi Klein, Toni Negri

Socialism at the Millenium
Review of Barnes, O'Brien, Singer

Latest Polemics

Citius, Altius, Fortius
Exclusion through inclusion during the London Olympics

Artwork or not work
Why art is sacred and the key to sociability

Online Generation
The strategy of refusal and the refusal of strategy

Britain: a Beleaguered Regime
Britain's war drive

The Strange rebirth of Liberal England
Anti-war protests and the 'political'

The Dark Side of the Multitude
Presentation given at Darkmarkets conference, Vienna

Tolerance as a hegemonic relation
A critique of the 'community'

A Politics of the Present?
Negri's contribution to the critique of Power

A critical ontology of the present
(Foucault and the task of our times) Arianna Bove
    I.The Anthropological Horizon in Foucault's Thought
    II.From Self-affection to Technologies of the Self
    III.Technologies of the Common
    Concluding Remarks

Other Writing

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