Lucio Colletti (1924-2001)
Colletti is best know for his work that tried to undermine the link between Marxian and Hegelian dialectics and his argument that Marx's true philosophical ancestor was Kant. For Colletti, Hegel's work was a return to pre-Kantian metaphysics. In fact Colletti assimliates Hegel to Spinoza and gives Marx over to Kant. He argues that the real is always something more than the concept and this 'something more' that prevents the reduction of being to thought. (cf Smith p 153). This work (Marxism and Hegel) was to win praise, albeit with some reservations, from the French Marxist, Louis Althusser for its rigour and profundity (cf: Reading Capital p 75). Mario Tronti (one of founders of Operaismo) commended the early Colletti for his resolute stance that anti-dialectical philosophy need not imply reformist politics.


Marxism and Hegel (1979)

Introduction to Marx's Early Writings available here

From Rousseau to Lenin

Twilight Of Ideology (1980)


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